Flat Pack Coffee Table

Flat Pack Coffee Table

Flat Pack Coffee Table

3D render of the Flat Pack Coffee Table

What is it: A Coffee table designed to be manufactured from one flat piece of material. The design incorporates simple assembly features enabling quick and easy assembly with no need for glueing parts or attaching fixings.

Why: I set myself the challenge of designing a coffee table which could be manufactured from one piece of flat material (initially 18mm Birch Plywood) I wanted to incorporate features which would mean the table could slot together quickly and easily with no need for awkward glueing, screwdriving and fitting which comes with most flat packed furniture items.

Coffee table flatpack collage

How the flat pack coffee table is packaged


With some rare spare time, I decided to develop this concept into a working prototype. I wanted to explore how stable, if at all, the table would actually be.  The corner without support had me worried. So, I bought a sheet of 18mm MDF board and set to work.

I followed the dimensions of the Solidworks drawings to the millimetre

MDF board with drawings

Drawings on the MDF board ready for cutting

And after a quick collage of the next few steps…

Making the prototype

Hey Presto, a prototype is born.  And it quickly became evident that my worries about the stability issue were not unfounded. Although it can stand up perfectly on it’s own – with no weight on it – there are clearly stability issues with the corner that isn’t supported.  Furthermore, the radii on the fillet corners were not as aesthetically pleasing as I had hoped, and seemed a bit too large. A small re-design is necessary. To be continued….