Ice Cream Shoe – “The 99”

Finished ice cream high heel shoe

The 99 – Ice cream cone high heel shoe

What is it: A high heel ladies shoe fashioned in the style of an ice cream. The wafer cone is the heel, and the ice cream flows downward to form the body of the shoe. The heel has a 120mm (4.72inch) rise with a 26.5mm (1 inch) platform. Colours are simple, with an orange for the cone and a white for the shoe body.. The addition of sprinkles, red stripes of syrup and a flake were explored, but decided against in the end in favour of the cleaner, simpler look.

experiments with sprinkles and raspberry stripe

Experimenting with sprinkles, red stripe and flake

How it was made: The images show a 3D rendering of the shoe. After preliminary sketching, the 3D model was constructed using Solidworks 2009. Renderings were made by importing the finished solid model into Photoview 360. Photoshop was then used to create the final images. How it may be constructed in reality is something of a mystery at this moment, as this is my first venture into the world of ladies high heel shoes. However I may experiment with different materials for creating prototypes.

Why: The project was undertaken primarily as a challenge in Solid Modelling and 3D rendering, and also to explore my design skills when it comes to women’s footwear. Solid modelling skills were refreshed, surfacing techniques were honed, and rendering programmes were better understood, providing a solid base for future projects in mind.

What next: Women’s footwear design is definitely something I’d like to explore further. However it may need to take a back seat as my attention turns to furniture and web design for the foreseeable future.

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